Saturday, June 19, 2010

E-mail us a review ...

OK, folks, the point of the exercise (for us) is to sell books. That's how we pay the rent, put food on the table, buy hockey equipment for the kids, and so on.

Well, we'd like some help.

RELAX! This isn't one of those "give us money or we're gonna die" pleas that seem all too common in the comics biz, it's a scheme:

Here we go: We're pretty lousy at doing book reviews. I myself can read a book, and within hours forget that I've ever even seen it, let alone read it. In fact, I'd read a book some 20 years ago, great book, one of those where you hope it'll never end, and at the same time can't stop reading, because you so want to see what happened next. Anyways, I stayed up until about 2 AM reading it, and by the next afternoon had forgotten absolutely everything about it, except that the cover was green. Great review, huh? You can see why I said I was no good at book reviews.

So here's the deal: E-mail us a review of a book{Comic/Trade/Graphic Novel} you enjoy, and if we publish it on the site, you can have your choice of TPBs, comics, or GNs (up to $20US cover price) for free! If you don't get too verbose it shouldn't take that long to do a review, and effectively you're getting paid for it. Beats Newsarama's "rates" ($0, I believe) anyways, and who knows, maybe a nice review or two might help us sell some books, (and help pay the rent and so on).

Wanna give it a shot? Just e-mail us a review, of something that's still in print of course, and if we like it, we publish, and you get your swag.

Send your e-mail to:

Have fun