Thursday, November 18, 2010

Von Allan's Latest Book

Hi Everyone
As you know I am really enjoying the work being done by a Canadian writer/Artist Von Allan. Well he has come out with a new book "Stargazer" and I really think you should all buy one.
It is an easy and a pleasant read for ALL ages but the neat thing is too that you can buy it - as a parent - without worrying about violence and/or language yet an adult can find it enjoyable too!

I am copying something that was posted elsewhere by his associate - who does a much better job of letting you know about the book than I ever can. Please keep reading and then order one from us.

["I'll try to keep this short, as I know you're all busy! As some of you already know, Von Allan's second graphic novel, "Stargazer," is in November's Diamond Previews! This new book is Von's first science fiction and fantasy work and it tells the story of three ordinary little girls who find themselves transported from a backyard camping trip to a distant and strange world where they must work together to find a way home. As the Midwest Book Review says in its early and very positive review, Stargazer is "a story of wonder, exploration, determination, and inward as well as outward challenge."
Stargazer was intended to appeal to fans of Bone, Akiko, and Amulet, but the book has been well-received by people ranging in age from preschoolers to grandparents, and just about everyone in between. I believe the overwhelmingly positive reception so far is, in part, due to the book's lively characters and the magic of the otherworldly setting; as one reviewer noted, the book has shades of J.M. Barrie and C.S. Lewis but also works on many levels for many ages, in the same way as Never Land, Narnia, Wonderland, and Oz do..."young readers can easily find aspects to enjoy and so take to heart, and equally, older readers as well can find aspects to take to heart and so enjoy."
(The reviews can be read here:
Now, on to the important stuff! The book's key specs are as follows: Stargazer is the first volume of two and has an item code of NOV101057, an ISBN of 978-0-9781237-2-7, a suggested retail price of $14.95 US/$15.95 CDN, is 122 pages in length, and is black and white throughout. There is a dedicated website for the book at, .
Cliff Biggers, of Dr. No's, has also done a wonderful feature that is running in Comic Book News -- thank you so much, Cliff!)

In closing, the best praise for this book so far has come from a nine-year-old child, who sent Von a fan letter that said, in part: "this book was amazing. I wish I could keep it and read it again,
again and again".
I hope you'll give it a chance and I hope you love it as much as she did!

I would love it if some of you out there give it a try.
Thanks for reading


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