Friday, April 27, 2007

I'm Back!!

Hi Everyone
I am sorry for the big gap but I unexpectedly moved from the place where I had been living for about 15 years.
I am a person who accumulates STUFF. LOTS and lots of stuff. My furniture could easily have fit into one or two rooms. My Stuff took 4 rooms.
I'm still settling in but it is getting better now and I am starting to pick up the strings again.

If you have been checking out our website you will have seen that that has been going along quite smoothly and Paul has even contributed a few more ramblings in Motormouth-always a treat to read. You could always email him at the store if you have anything to comment on - not good to let him think he is always right you know!

NOW-I have a great big thank you to my computer guru Dr. Dan. Part of the site is our books that we sell on line. More and more people have been going to this on a regular basis and browsing through it has been somewhat cumbersome at times. Well today Dr. Dan added a program so that browsers could sort on whichever column they wanted - author, title, etc.
Thank you very very much Dan.

More soon and thanks for reading this everyone!