Friday, December 12, 2008

Thank you to all of you

Hi Everyone

I just want to thank each and every one of you loyal customers who have stayed with us through a very very trying time. All of us (including me) relied heavily on Paul being at the helm and when he suddenly took sick it threw all of us for a loop. Both he and Mary were taken almost completely out of the picture and it fell to those of us who were left to "pick up the pieces".

Ray pulled many nights where we worked right through until morning to get you your comics and Martin delayed moving on to a much better job so as to help us through this rough patch. We now have Paul's two sons helping out, a 'newbie', Mitch, and a fill in on Wed. -Greg.

Paul and Mary are back part time so that is helping tremendously.

But it all hinged on your understanding - which was tremendous. I screwed up often and you people hung in there while Ray fixed it up front with you. I think that if any store has a great bunch of people that come in it is ASTRO. And that goes for ALL our customers - comic people, book people, and card people. I find it unbelievable that in spite of the rough patches we only lost ONE customer because of my goofs! Absolutely amazing!

A great big THANK YOU

I have one more big thanks and that is for my computer Guru. We call him Computer Dan. We all have friends and relatives who try to help us out. Well my computer Dan DOES help out. Even to the extent of going to the hospital to see Paul but also, and importantly, to try to "pick his brain" because I did not always understand what Paul was telling me to do. He was there at all hours of the day when I needed to understand how to get something working (we work in DOS - not always easy). Last Sunday he gave up his Sunday for me because my Hard drive on the main machine was dying - not many people who would do that for you!. My Computer Dan does support professionally and, as you can see, comes highly recommended. Call him if you need help at 514-522-9131 or call the store and we will be glad to give you the information. By the way - he is COMPLETELY bilingual.

May I say again - one more time THANK YOU ALL for hanging in there.

See you at the store