Friday, April 21, 2006

Welcome to Betty's Bytes

This is where I get to say my piece. So far I have been putting up information regarding what we are, what we sell, what services we offer and stuff like that.

Well, over here I get to blab.

Some of it will be related to the store, some will be gossip and some will just be bits of news I picked up from listening to the guys who work with me and/or you, my wonderful customers.

If you have a bit of news that you would like me to pass on, just email me at and I will try to include it.

Oh...if you want to see what Paul has to say - his stuff is usually industry-related - be sure to check out Motormouth.

The Web site is a work in progress and we are trying very hard to make it a site you will enjoy visiting and that you will find informative so I hope you enjoy your visits.