Saturday, April 18, 2009

Bits 'n Pieces

Hi Everybody and welcome back!

Just a quick note to update you a tiny bit.

Paul is coming in to the store pretty often these days. He stays for a couple of hours to advise me on how to do certain operations and to help us out with the computer stuff. As a result of this, as you may already know, we now have back in operation:

1. ASTRONOTES (done by Ray) which is back up on line

2. QUESTION SHEETS done by Paul and I which you may already have gotten!

3. OUR 25th ANNIVERSARY SALE which was thought up by Paul and is being implemented as we speak.

So things are coming together. Some things are changing and some things are coming back but we just keep on going and going and going....

Also - because of a relief of the strain on me I am able to do more on the site and we have a few changes that will be taking place there too....actually, Dan has helped me put up a new "splash" page that details the sale that will be taking place shortly so click over to the home page and take a gander!

See you all soon